MiteGuard Rx

Have you ever woken up with a runny nose, watery eyes or even itchiness? You might actually be suffering from an allergic reaction to the dust mites hiding in your bedding. Allergens produced by their droppings can cause unpleasant to severe symptoms and even trigger an asthma attack in young children.

MiteGuard Rx is a complete range of bedding accessories designed to offer the optimal protection against these allergens.

The solution lies in encasing your bedding (mattress, quilt, pillows) with a Mite-Guard Rx protection cover. Its unique ProTex technology offers an efficient, economical and long-lasting solution.

MiteGuard Rx protections are available for mattresses, quilts and pillows in most of the standard sizes. Custom sizes can be made to order.

Available exclusively through mail order. For more information about the brand and to order online, please go to