Who has never suffered from sudden intense perspiration? Walking in the sun, stressful situation at work, carrying heavy objects,… all these daily situations lead to excessive perspiration… and their very unpleasant symptoms.

Next to the visual discomfort provided by an inelegant sweat stain under the arms, the acid contained in the sweat will also damage your favourite shirt or blouse, shortening its life expectancy.

Sweax underarm liners have been specifically designed to offer a 24h protection to your garments. Simply apply an underarm liner in the morning on the inside underarm part of the item of clothing and you’re ready …

So discrete, you will rapidly forget about them but you can enjoy a 24h confidence, while your favourite shirt or blouse remains dry and protected, even from your deodorant stains.

Available in packs of 6 pairs for women and men in pharmacies and Priceline or on-line.

For more information about Sweax, please go to www.sweax.com.au