The Fittydent denture care range has been designed to bring denture wearers the ultimate comfort.

  1. Adhesive
    Fittydent is the only waterproof adhesive for dentures. Unlike many products that are based on the suction principle, Fittydent is an adhesive that will ensure a longer lasting bonding effect between the jaw and the dentures. It is non water soluble and therefore not affected by saliva or food and drinks. Available in tubes of 20g and 40g.
  2. Cushions
    The smaller contact surface between the jaw and the denture make it more difficult for the denture to hold in place. This is why Fittydent has specifically designed the “Fittydent Cushions”. Made from the same adhesive as the cream, they help wearers with very flat and narrow lower jaws. Available in boxes of 15 cushions.
  3. Cleansing tablets
    This unique formula will clean, whiten and freshen full dentures, partial dentures and even orthodontic braces.  Thanks to its antibacterial activity, it will kill harmful bacteria that cause odour and help prevent plaque build-up. Available in boxes of 32 tabs.

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